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"Medma Infomatix" offer you a wonderful service, which is useful for small to medium size business looking to add a customer service department to their operations while not taking on the expense and hassle associated with hiring, training and managing employees.

The company delivers voice, live chat and email support - all of which have been recognized and awarded by the industry, clients, and partners for quality in customer service. Medma catered its services for businesses and organizations of varying sizes from industries of all sorts.

Medma is a strategic outsourcing option, delivering skilled people and industry-leading technology to all clients in need of call center services. With a variety of customizable solutions, medma is going to be the future leader of in bound services. Medma offers small-to-midsize inbound call center solutions and enterprise solutions.

Our small-to-midsize inbound call center solutions include:

• In bound order taking
• Shipment & Order tracking
• E-mail response
• Live chat
• 24X7-customer service support
• Ticket support via web based application
• Lead generation and customer acquisition
• Appointment booking
• Providing information about your product/service and prices

Whatever your business needs that's, Medma call center services can be customized to fit your organization; making our company an effective outsourcing option. Medma call center offers you a team of well trained customer service representative with the knowledge of your product and policies. All the representatives are properly monitored to ensure the highest level of services is offered to each call. Medma call center is fully equipped with the latest voice over IP technology from best companies & uses software designed specifically for the call center environment. Call center employees are based in the company's headquarter in India.

We are confident about our services which we are going to provide to our esteemed client that's why we offered you the first days, inbound call/customer support free of cost as a trial term.

With the help of this offer you have a better chance to minimize the risk of leakage of your customer's and maximize your profit in terms of more sales with more customer & better quality services.

Taking a diversified approach, through our call center service you will get higher conversion rates, increased sales& customers with high level of satisfaction among them. We will help you out in bridging the gap between you and your customers by providing a loyal bonding and creating an enthusiastic customer segment which will create a long lasting profit for your business.

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